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ZANPA Website renewal design

琉球泡盛比嘉酒造『残波』の新ブランドを世界に発信する新たなWEB サイトのリニューアルデザイン
Renewal design of a new website to disseminate the new brand of Ryukyu Awamori Higa Brewery "Zanpa" to the world

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Script wrìter/Director/Editor


Kenji Yamamoto

Art Direction

Mayu Shinzato

web design

Shinsei Yamamoto




Tetsu Masuda

Kusaki Photo Office


directed by



琉球泡盛の人気ブランド「残波」を製造販売する有限会社比嘉酒造様のデザインプロデュース。沖縄の県産品泡盛の新たな楽しみ方を提案する新ブランド展開の表現管理の一環として、同社の公式Webサイトをリニューアルデザインしました。泡盛ZANPAを取り巻く笑顔溢れるシーンが、波のように広がっていくように。。という思いを込め、「SMILE BE WAVES(造語)」というキャッチコピーで、新たなブランド展開を実施。これまで撮り溜めてきたイベントやビジュアルイメージ撮影などの映像や写真を数多く掲載。近年文字をあまり読まなくなったモバイルネイティブのターゲット層にもわかりやすく、雑誌感覚で閲覧できるようできる限り文字を少なくして、映像やビジュアルで表現しています。またそのようにすることで、ZANPA様のブランドが目指す世界観や方向を海外の方でも視覚的にわかりやすく、また親しみやすくデザインしました。



Ryukyu Awamori “Zanpa” proposes a new way to enjoy Awamori, a local product of Okinawa. Renewal design of a new official website to send out to the world

Produced design for Higa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells the popular Ryukyu awamori brand Zanpa. The company's official website has been redesigned as part of the expression management for the development of a new brand that proposes new ways to enjoy awamori, a local product of Okinawa. May the scenes full of smiles surrounding Awamori ZANPA spread like waves. . With the idea of ​​​​"SMILE BE WAVES (coined word)" as a catchphrase, we have developed a new brand. Many videos and photos such as events and visual image shooting that have been taken so far are posted. It is easy to understand for the mobile native target group who have not read much text in recent years, and we have reduced the text as much as possible and expressed it with images and visuals so that it can be read like a magazine. In addition, by doing so, the world view and direction that ZANPA's brand is aiming for were designed to be visually easy to understand and familiar to foreigners.

The demand for sake in Japan is declining year by year due to population decline and young people's withdrawal from alcohol. Traditional design expressions are difficult to appeal to young people and overseas customers who will be responsible for future demand. In such a busy era, simply communicating the products and their characteristics is often a temporary thing. At our company, in line with the engagement marketing method, which is the concept of branding, we focus on "fun", "enjoyment", and "experience" in corporate attitudes and initiatives, rather than the product itself, and enjoy surrounding the product. While visually conveying the scene, we are focusing on design and production with the theme of empathizing with new customers and creating fans.

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