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Green Cafe Style 茶乃逢 二条城店


Blanding producer:Kenji Yamamoto
Art director:Kenji Yamamoto

Interior designer:Daisuke Watanabe

Green cafe style 茶乃逢・日本茶菓SANOAHシリーズ店舗4店舗目のお店。世界遺産京都二条城の城内に観光商業店舗としてプロパーザル案件として京都市観光協会様よりオファーを頂戴し、プロデュース店舗として店舗コンセプト・商品企画・店舗デザインを行いました。


Green cafe style The fourth store of the Chano coffee / SANOAH series stores. We received an offer from the Kyoto City Tourism Association as a proposal project as a tourism commercial store within the castle of the world heritage Kyoto Nijo Castle, and performed store concept, product planning and store design as a produce store.

The world heritage site Nijo Castle in Kyoto, an international tourism city, is now a historical cultural facility that transmits Japanese culture that many foreign tourists visit. As a result, based on Kyoto matcha and Uji tea, we developed a business format as a store where you can purchase soft-serve ice cream, take-out desserts, and souvenirs of matcha sweets, using the Kyoto food culture as a matcha sweets bar. In interior design and product planning, the concept of “design gold” was adopted with the theme of “gold”, which was also a symbol of the beauty of the power of the Tokugawa shogunate at that time, which was used in countless decorations in Nijo Castle.

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