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Blanding producer:Kenji Yamamoto

Art director:Kenji Yamamoto

Interior designer:Daisuke Watanabe



A sophisticated sushi restaurant in Kesennuma. . .

The project started as a project related to the earthquake disaster reconstruction project in the commercial facility “Kai no Ichi” in Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture, and as a project to promote the sixth industrialization of the local fishery. As a result of population decline and depopulation in rural areas, the issue of regional revitalization projects to eliminate “fishery products and fish separation” associated with the promotion of next-generation fishery successors and lifestyle changes was also a major theme. "Let's enjoy fish! In order to make the 6th industrialization a visual expression based on the concept of “In-store decoration, package design, and web design using a monochrome graphic photo design with a visual feel, focusing on“ the daily work scene of local fishermen ” Visualized expression on digital signage. Designed a revolving sushi restaurant like no other in the domestic metropolitan area with NY style store design of abundant and fresh fish from Kesennuma called the world's three largest fishing grounds. We have produced a branding in the hope of creating a new culture for the next generation of fishermen in the local area.

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