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Planning director:Kenji Yamamoto



​酔鯨酒造 様 ブランディング 企画

In recent years, North America's marketing strategy in the retail market has become increasingly popular, with a focus on content marketing and buzz marketing. With the evolution of the Internet, while YOUTUBE and other video distribution contents are becoming popular as media, the advertising effect of TV commercials, especially mass marketing, has faded. We are shifting from advertising methods to the content marketing era of “telling the fun of corporate content” in which videos such as products, identities, and topicality are created using YOUTUBE. We plan such events linked to content marketing, and actively produce events to increase market share through Facebook, SNS, etc. as a part of building a brand for the world's transmission through alliances with partners in major cities around the world. It is.


第1回&5回 酔鯨を楽しむ E.S.L会  in KYOTO
第3回 酔鯨を楽しむ E.S.L会  in PARIS
第6回 酔鯨を楽しむ E.S.L会  in TOKYO
第2回 酔鯨を楽しむ E.S.L会  in NEW YORK
第4回 酔鯨を楽しむ E.S.L会  in BERLIN
第7回 酔鯨を楽しむ E.S.L会  in TOKYO ROPPONGI
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