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In recent years, with the widespread use of the Internet and mobile devices, everything in the world has changed rapidly. Especially in the last few years, the retail industry (retail industry) is undergoing drastic changes. The Internet mail order business associated with iot that incorporates artificial intelligence is increasingly accelerating, and it is said that in the 20th century old selling and showing methods, the industry types and occupations that will disappear will accelerate at the same time. . One bookstore retailer is a bookstore in the Showa period, a small bookstore in the city, a large bookstore, an EC site such as amazon, and an electronic book such as Kindle. On the other hand, in many ways, in New York, where there are many shops that incorporate the latest trends from around the world, “Experience” and “future retailing” have become a major theme in the future. The The “Experience” was featured at the “Retails Big Show 2016”, the world's largest and most advanced retail trade show held in New York last year. EC has become extremely superior in terms of product lineup, speed service, cheapness and quality, and it has entered an era where real stores can no longer win. Therefore, a new retail strategy that is attracting attention in the United States is “Content Marketing Strategy with the Theme of Experience”. EC is connected to retail and products with an interesting and moving experience that can not be imitated on the spot, SNS diffusion and photogenic → information sharing diffusion → attention → attracting customers → experiencing → creating a royal customer fan → sales improvement The method has been greatly expanded.

A major feature of our brand building is that we are helping you build your brand based on the theme of new retail thinking, how to show, and how to sell this content marketing.

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